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Kennel Zlatni Lav 1994 was registered under number FCI 3399

My pet practice dates back to high school. Serious training, keeping, exhibiting and training - which is my profession, I have been since 1989 when I bought the rock-acquired AST Magdalena Anaconda Staff (Samantha).

I decided to honor a commitment fascinated me because of his race to master the look and temperament. Magdalena has achieved superior results (International Champion, Champion of former Yugoslavia, club winner, 1993 was the most successful and most successful honor achieved by terrier results and entered the top 10 dogs Zov, it is repeate Zlatni Lav next year and her son Astor Zlatni Lav during her life.

Magdalena was the female parent and exhibiting kennel “Zlatni Lav“, the most famous dogs who carried the name of Zlatni Lav are: CH Astor v. Zlatni Lav, BIS, Club Winner, CH Astra v. Zlatni Lav, JCH CH Sindy Precious Stone v. Zlatni Lav, JCH CH Brigita v. Zlatni Lav, CH Diana v. Zlatni Lav, CH v. Angela Zlatni Lav, and others.

Kennel Golden Lion had a rest-stop until 2004 when I came in contact with the kennel Long Step, which has renewed the golden lion. Since you now have 100 percent of our dogs, we are satisfied with the quality of dogs and their results champion of Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria candidates for inter champ.


Thanks to these wonderful dogs today because I am a lucky man I met good people and true friends.

Goran Mitic

Zlatni Lav kennel - About usZlatni Lav kennel - About usZlatni Lav kennel - About usZlatni Lav kennel - About us